Obama vs. O’Reilly (Round 3)


Today, I bring you the Super Bowl Scoop, before the game with an interview of tense debate between President Obama and Bill O’Reilly. Three years ago when Bill O’Reilly interviewed Obama on national television for the Super Bowl, O’Reilly crushed Obama by hitting him where it counts; which is in pressing and asking tough questions no one else has the gall to ask.

This year Obama returns for a third round of punishment from O’Reilly. Although this time I have to hand it to the “King”, he did have a bit more class, if you will. While he may have had more punch this time, all the hits were missing. When asked simple questions by O’Reilly, we were met with dodgy answers and phrases that let my jaw drop.

“Your detractors believe that you did not tell the world [Benghazi] was a terror attack because your campaign didn’t want that out,” said O’Reilly, when he asked about the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens incident being a “terrorist attack” or not.

Obama rebutted with “And they believe it because folks like you tell them that.” Regardless of what Obama thinks about journalists and news reporters being “the problem” (which is a problem unto itself), and regardless of the statement by Gen. Ham saying it was a terrorist attack, Obama went as far as to say “When somebody is attacking our compound, that is an act of terror.” So what does it matter what the rest of his excuse is if he admits, between the lines, that he did believe it was a “terrorist” attack.

You can even watch the full 10 minute interview on YouTube below, which took place on Fox News live at around 4:30pm PST today.


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