The Sporadic Dollar


There is no definite way to show a breaking or failing economy. There are, however, some people in the financial industry who say there are causes to look for of a destabilizing economy. 2013 Nobel Prize for Economics winner, states concern for the growing economic “bubble” around the U.S. stock market. Another sign is that the “U.S. Federal Reserve has been artificially manipulating and holding down U.S. rates, in an attempt to stimulate economic growth“, quoting from a Forbes article.

Right now our dollar is becoming untrustworthy as well. Take a look at the image below.


Never in the history of the dollar has its value been so sporadic with other currencies. This trend is almost identical in many other major currencies around the world right now! This symbolizes trust in the dollar is breaking by countries that support it. Anybody who thinks the dollar, and the economies that are supported by it aren’t about to feel a major breakdown are lying to themselves.